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Flair for Five

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How you can support your Direct Sales friend and not spend a dime!

How you can show support for your Direct Sales friend without spending a dime! I’m sure by now you have at least one friend in direct sales. And, oh boy do you avoid her! You just know she’s going to corner you into buying, selling or hosting something . It’s probably going to be uncomfortable saying no, so you will just use your super ninja skills to avoid her at all costs. And the posts on social media all the time! Come on! She is constantly posting about it! This or that is happening.  Hey, that girl is me! I got news for you! I don’t want to force you into buying, selling or hosting anything. It does me no good for someone to see you with my product and when they say oh, that’s cute! You respond with an eye roll and a yes, my sisters cousins brother sells it and I felt obligated.. I want my customers to be excited about my product. Yes! Don’t you love it!! I got it from Stacy and can you believe it was $5 for this! I love it! Then maybe your friend wont feel weird saying she loves it and you can refer them to me. How can you help me without spending a dime? It’s simple. Refer a friend. If you see me post on Facebook – like, comment or share my post!! Do you know that Facebook has algorithms? All Based off of interactions on my posts in my group. If you say hey Stacy, I’m not really into what you’re selling but I have friends who might... read more

Types of Paparazzi Consultant

1. What if I sign up to be a consultant and then a few months later decide I don’t want to do it? Just stop placing orders.  The only auto-ship program Paparazzi has is voluntary and as long as you order 100 pcs a year you’ll keep your status as a consultant. There are no monthly fees. So if you are busy and need a break, you can do that! 2. How much is the website? Your Paparazzi website (with your info) is free!!! 3. How much is the commission? 45% on each piece of jewelry!! 4. Where can I sell? Many people sell through home parties, basket parties or online parties. Set up booths at festivals or in shops. Virtual Facebook parties are proving to be amazing.  You decide how you work! Try all or only virtual parties etc 5. How does having consultants in my downline help me?  You  earn an extra 1%-10% in team commissions if you decide to build a team! As you move up in rank, you earn more. 6. How much is the starter kit? There are three starter kits but the lowest price kit is $99. This is the kit I recommend! If you want to know why email me!! In the kit you will get 35 pieces of jewelry ($175 retail value) plus a display bust, marketing materials and a training manual. Some people buy the kit just because it’s a great deal on the jewelry and keep it all. We also have a $299 kit, which has 120 pieces ($600 retail value) and the $499 kit.  There are 200 pieces in this kit ($1,000 retail value) AND a free... read more

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

For each petal on the shamrock This brings a wish your way – Good health, good luck, and happiness For today and every day. ~Author Unknown But this one is my favorite! Luck is not as random as you think. Before that lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it. How true is that!! Put on your cutest green Paparazzi jewelry and have a great St Patty’s... read more

Happy National Jewelry Day!

Happy National Jewelry Day!! That’s right!! Its National Jewelry Day! Sit back and browse some beautiful $5 jewelry! You wont feel guilty for buying that perfect necklace to complete your outfit. It seems they have a ‘day’ for everything now. I also heard it was National Nap Day! So buy yourself some bling and take a nap! Is that not the best combination you have heard all day?! Sounds like a perfect day to me lol The other good thing is that its Monday.  I know what you are thinking, why is anyone excited for Monday?? This girl is and its because Monday brings an entire new week of jewelry! Paparazzi releases new items Monday – Friday. Yes, every single night! It is awesome to have new items to offer our customers everyday. There really is something for everyone. If you love classic styles to hip and trendy we have you covered! Always $5 and always lead and nickel... read more

How to shop Paparazzi Accessories

How to shop for $5 Paparazzi Accessories If you have been following my site you may have noticed,  (eek, I cant believe I figured it out) I finally added a “shop” button just for my personal in stock jewelry.  What I have added is just a small amount of jewelry that I have on hand at my home.  I’m adding more items little by little day by day!! After you order I pull it from my in home shop, package it and mail it directly to you! ( in most cases the next day) How cool is that! The link to shop those pieces is https://flairforfive.com/shop You are able to still shop my Paparazzi website.  The cool part is that you have access to all the same jewelry that I do. (except girls starlet shimmer)  Because Paparazzi does not have catalogs we are lucky enough to have new jewelry added Monday – Friday! Yes, 5 days a week we have brand new styles of gorgeous $5 Paparazzi jewelry!!  The best part is the jewelry is still only $5 each piece. Shipping from my corporate site is always just $5.95.  That order will be packed and shipped directly from Paparazzi headquarters to you! To shop from my site use this link http://www.paparazziaccessories.com/stacy   Don’t forgot that all our jewelry is always lead and nickel free!! I appreciate my customers more than you can ever imagine. This is so much more than making money, I have made some new friends that will be lifelong friends for me! From my customers to my amazing team! If ever you have any questions – ask!! I would love to help... read more

Paparazzi Special Join in February

Paparazzi February Join Special! Join in the month  of February and get FREE jewelry in your starter kit!! And all month long double hostess rewards!!  Starter Kits will receive Hostess Rewards – but only during the month of February! $99 Preview Pack = 3 Hostess Rewards $299 Small Home Party Starter Kit = 12 Hostess Rewards $499 Large Home Party Starter Kit = 20 Hostess Rewards Double Hostess Rewards = Double the Love. Parties are where every love affair with $5 accessories begins.  And if it weren’t for our Paparazzi Party Hostesses, how would we get to share that love with everyone we know?  When was the last time you told your Hostess you loved her?  It’s time you showed them how much they mean to you, so this month we’re DOUBLING the love for our Hostesses, by DOUBLING the Hostess Rewards! Rewarding your Hostesses is a crucial part of growing your Paparazzi business.  It’s so important, in fact, that Paparazzi includes Hostess Rewards in the way that you order inventory!  Every 20 PV (10 pieces) you purchase on one order is accompanied by Hostess Rewards in the form of a free accessory. This month, we’re really feeling the love because we are DOUBLING the Hostess Rewards you receive with each qualifying order!  That means you’ll receive two free accessories for every ten pieces you buy!  As an added bonus, orders that qualify for the Show Rebate (1000 PV or more) will receive Hostess Rewards on top of the rebate!  Looks like this love affair just got serious! Just want a discount on jewelry for yourself? Want to jump full force into... read more
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