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Paparazzi Join Special

The Paparazzi Plot Twist As we move through life, the pages of our story are filled with moments that shape us. There are chapters about overcoming adversity, paragraphs filled with memories that bring a smile to our face, and cliffhangers that take our breath away. The characters are diverse; a cast of heroes and villains who can change the course of our storyline in an instant. But did you ever stop to think that YOU may be the cameo that changes someone else’s narrative completely? The Paparazzi opportunity is the ultimate plot twist! It can transform an underdog into a champion, offer hope where there is dread, and empower the dejected. But more than anything, it allows an individual to turn the page, move on from their past, and begin writing a story they want to be a part of! January is the time of year when fresh starts and clean slates are welcome, which means it’s the perfect time to invite others to take the pen in their hand and begin a new chapter. Every Consultant who joins the Paparazzi party this month will receive extra accessories for FREE inside their Starter Kit! Talk about a plot twist! Work From Home! Be Your Own Boss! 35% – 45% Commission! Flexible Hours!  Message me if you have any questions!! or jump right in ... read more

How to fit the most jewelry in a small space

How to fit the most jewelry in a small space!! We have all been there. You look around one day and you suddenly have a few 100 pieces of jewelry or thousand…. 🙂 Before I set up my jewelry room it was always a battle. Where is this, how can I find anything if I cant see it!!  So needless to say I ordered twirl a ties.  I don’t know how I would survive without those!! But then where to hang them all? You can only fit so many on the garment racks.  I then made a Walmart trip. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to fit all the jewelry I had. So I looked online and I found this awesome... read more

Paparazzi September Special!!

Fall Into Freedom! Do you remember opening your Starter Kit? It’s nearly impossible to forget such an exhilarating and empowering moment! Not only did you become your own boss that day, but you opened a box of endless potential and gave yourself permission to build the life you’ve dreamed of. It also puts you in a unique position to be the one who changes someone else’s life for the better! September is the perfect opportunity for you to invite others to FALL into the FREEDOM that you’ve created through Paparazzi because we’re including FREE pieces from the 2019 Fall Collection in every Starter Kit! Preview Pack ($99) – 5 Free Accessories Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) – 10 Free Accessories Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) – 20 Free Accessories No matter what your Starter Kit represents to you, it’s time to share the opportunity with those around you and invite them to FALL into FREEDOM! Starter Kit purchase must be made between 12:00 AM ET on September 1, 2019 and 11:59 PM ET on September 30, 2019. Free accessories will be included in the original order. Offer only available to new Paparazzi Consultants.  ... read more

Paparazzi Special!! Bling Back Bonus!!!

  Current consultants –  This has been a banner year for Paparazzi, and it’s all because of YOU! We kicked off 2019 on the beaches of the Dominican Republic during our Paparazzi Passport Vacation, then crisscrossed the nation on the largest Empower Me Pink tour to date, cut the ribbon on the sparkling new House that BLING Built, and met up with our amazing Elite in Palm Springs for what could easily be described as the most impactful Leadership Summit we’ve ever held. But if you know anything about our fabulous Consultants, you know this $5 frenzy is just getting started! As we slide into the sizzling months of summer, it’s time to celebrate with a BLING Back Bonus! Simply purchase $400 or more during the month of June and receive a $99 BLING Back Bonus in July! Your BLING Back Bonus will be added to your account as a Back Office credit, where it can be used to snag the latest new releases, stock up on business tools, or pick up some Paparazzi-branded apparel – it’s entirely up to you! Thinking of becoming a Paparazzi Accessories consultant???!!!! Check out this awesomeness!!! Even our newest $5 fanatics can get in on the fun, as new Consultants who enroll with one of our Large Home Party Starter Kits ($499) during the month of June will also receive a BLING Back Bonus! Even those who enroll with a Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) or Preview Pack ($99) can apply their kit purchase towards qualifying for a BLING Back Bonus!     Happy Shopping!... read more

Paparazzi Join Special

Make It A Blockbuster Spring! Five FREE Blockbuster Pieces and New Welcome Packet in All Starter Kits! Lights. Camera. Action! With record-breaking sales month after month, becoming part of our fabulous $5 family has never been more exciting! What better way to begin writing your star-studded success story than by joining a team of unstoppable Consultants who are changing the world $5 at a time? During the month of March, every new Consultant who joins the Paparazzi party will truly be destined for success! Not only will new Consultants receive FIVE FREE pieces form our megahit Blockbuster Collection, but each new team member will receive our new and improved Welcome Packet – making its debut this month! Accessorize. Invite. Become. Our upgraded Welcome Packet allows every new Consultant to step confidently into the spotlight as they learn how to build their $5 empires! From getting to know the Paparazzi Collections to mapping their success, pivotal party tips to frequently asked questions, the new and improved Welcome Packet will set your newest $5 family members up for a commanding performance. Plus, after its premiere in March, our new Welcome Packet will continue to be included in every Starter Kit purchased. We’ll see you on the red carpet!... read more

Favorite table top bracelet display

This has to be one of my favorite table top bracelet displays!  It is great for many reasons, it stores easily. So when not in use I can simply take it apart and put it away flat. Also, it comes apart and goes back together with ease.   The cylinder rolls sit on the stand and can be easily removed if needed. The best part is you can put wrap bracelets on it and the customer can just pick up the row and unsnap. No messing with the awkward slide off/ fall off.   Amazon and I’m sure many other places have it!!... read more

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