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Make It A Blockbuster Spring! Five FREE Blockbuster Pieces and New Welcome Packet in All Starter Kits! Lights. Camera. Action! With record-breaking sales month after month, becoming part of our fabulous $5 family has never been more exciting! What better way to begin writing your star-studded success story than by joining a team of unstoppable Consultants who are changing the world $5 at a time? During the month of March, every new Consultant who joins the Paparazzi party will truly be destined for success! Not only will new Consultants receive FIVE FREE pieces form our megahit Blockbuster Collection, but each new team member will receive our new and improved Welcome Packet – making its debut this month! Accessorize. Invite. Become. Our upgraded Welcome Packet allows every new Consultant to step confidently into the spotlight as they learn how to build their $5 empires! From getting to know the Paparazzi Collections to mapping their success, pivotal party tips to frequently asked questions, the new and improved Welcome Packet will set your newest $5 family members up for a commanding performance. Plus, after its premiere in March, our new Welcome Packet will continue to be included in every Starter Kit purchased. We’ll see you on the red carpet!... read more

Favorite table top bracelet display

This has to be one of my favorite table top bracelet displays!  It is great for many reasons, it stores easily. So when not in use I can simply take it apart and put it away flat. Also, it comes apart and goes back together with ease.   The cylinder rolls sit on the stand and can be easily removed if needed. The best part is you can put wrap bracelets on it and the customer can just pick up the row and unsnap. No messing with the awkward slide off/ fall off.   Amazon and I’m sure many other places have it!!... read more

Paparazzi Kit Special

Now is a great time to join Paparazzi!!Free Accessories in ALL Starter Kits!Every Consultant who joins the Paparazzi party this month will receive extra accessories for FREE inside their Starter Kit! Contact me here with questions myflairforfive@gmail.comJoin me... read more

Subscription box love!

Can we talk about subscription boxes for a minute?! I know right now you can get one for anything from clothes to pet needs.  Tho I have many friends that subscribe to this or that box , I have never. (Me, with my insane fear of committing to anything I didn’t pick out randomly coming)   Well! I found one I finally had to try. And after a few months I have to tell you I love it!!  Its called Sparkle Hustle Grow!  It’s a subscription box for female entrepreneurs. Hello. perfect for me!!! Each month you get the coolest things in a ridiculously cute pink box mailed to you.  Here is the official description  signature full sized Box will be packed with 4-6 items to inspire you and help you and your business grow…like books, planners, tech gadgets and chic office supplies. To help you learn and grow your skill set, you’ll also get an online training each month! Plus you get access to our private Facebook community for our book study, additional training and of course, connecting with fellow female entrepreneurs. If you opt for the Mini-Mailer, you will receive the book, the training + access to our private Facebook community only. Sorry darlin’, no extra goodies in the mailer. We believe that personal growth and professional development go hand in hand, so expect to be trained on a variety of topics that you can apply in life and business. If you already have the book or any of the items in the box, that’s a perfect opportunity to gift it to a customer, client, colleague, friend... read more

Perfect pegboards hooks for your Paparazzi display!

The best hooks for your Paparazzi pegboards display I hate nothing more than when a customer pulls a necklace off a peg to look at and off the peg comes with it!! Awkwardly you both go for the peg and ultimately the necklace is forgotten… These hooks are the best for peg displays!! I use them on every single Paparazzi display I have! They don’t move unless I move them!! It isn’t a total pain should you decide to rearrange your display and need to move the hook. They really are perfect. No more pegs falling out when someone pulls a necklace down to look at it!!   You can find them here! J Style Only Flex Lock Peg... read more

Shipping Paparazzi Jewelry

Shipping Paparazzi Jewelry Bubble Mailers I have found the perfect mailers for shipping Paparazzi jewelry orders!! I love how cute they are!!! Shipping Paparazzi Jewelry Mailers You can get them in assorted colors and even sizes.  The size I go to the most is 6×9 but it is nice to use the 4×8 for single piece jewelry orders.  Your customers will also love the colors and variety when receiving their orders!! The larger size is great for seed beads and bigger multiple piece orders.  Simply wrap your pieces in tissue paper and place in the bubble mailer.   I always order a variety of sizes to make sure I don’t run out!! Another advantage is they do not weigh your package down!! So weighing to mail your orders you aren’t paying to mail a bubble mailer – just jewelry!! I seriously love them! Looking for more tips and tricks I use to simplify my business? And make things less stressful!! Message me and ask! I am happy to help in anyway I can. You do not have to be on my team. We all have a common goal!!  Sharing Paparazzi with as many ladies as we... read more

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