How to fit the most jewelry in a small space!!

We have all been there. You look around one day and you suddenly have a few 100 pieces of jewelry or thousand…. 🙂 Before I set up my jewelry room it was always a battle. Where is this, how can I find anything if I cant see it!!  So needless to say I ordered twirl a ties.  I don’t know how I would survive without those!! But then where to hang them all? You can only fit so many on the garment racks.  I then made a Walmart trip. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to fit all the jewelry I had. So I looked online and I found this awesome rack.

How to fit the most jewelry in a small space

When I put it together I customized it by moving the bottom shelf up about halfway. then I was able to hang twirl a ties on the 2 shelves and also the out hanging bars.