The #1 question I get asked about joining Paparazzi Accessories!

I expect anyone wanting to or even that has a passing thought about joining Paparazzi to ask a bunch of questions. When I was considering joining I must have had a million different thoughts. I had no real idea how direct sales worked.

Now as a consultant I get asked all the time is can I earn a free Paparazzi kit. And yes, you can. I will say I don’t recommend it tho. How it works is we set up a party online and your friends and potentially future customers order from me. (Already sounds crazy) You then get credit towards a Paparazzi starter kit. You would have to have around $1000. in orders to earn a kit!! And!! The commission from your friends orders would go to me. You would want those sales for you!! That’s why I don’t recommend trying to earn a kit.

I totally understand not having extra money to join. I was that girl. At the time a $99 kit wasn’t part of the company. It was $299. Even if it was $99 that was money we could use for our family. So my best advice is if you really want to become a Paparazzi consultant be willing to invest in yourself. You don’t have the money? Have a yard sale. We all have “stuff” around the house we no longer need or use post it on Facebook for sale. Do some housecleaning or babysitting.

Be willing to invest in yourself. You can totally do what I do! You just have to believe in yourself and the possibilities. The kits are amazing now and you can start selling as soon as you join. When your kit arrives have a Facebook live in boxing video on your page!

Have other questions about joining just ask me!