Why I sell Paparazzi jewelry (and maybe you should)
I get asked all the time why I started with Paparazzi. The answer at the time was pretty simple. Money. I wanted, scratch that, we needed the extra income. It’s tough going back to work after having a little one! But losing a full time income, yikes! Unfortunately in today’s world it’s almost a necessity to have 2 incomes. We didn’t have anyone to babysit while I went back to work full time. Daycare is expensive! And mostly I hated that I was going to miss so much.
Now, if you ask me why, 4 years later I  sell Paparazzi the answer is not just that. It’s many reasons like – the product is affordable AND fashionable. The new friends that I have made is an added bonus I didn’t expect.

And one of the biggest reasons – What a difference you can make just putting on a simple necklace, statement necklace or a blingy bracelet. You know that feeling, someone says hey, you look nice today! I love your shirt! When in reality you picked the shirt that was within reach (because let’s face it you wore it 2 days ago and it was on top of the laundry basket of clothes that needs put away) and today you just added a cute necklace and maybe a bracelet. Suddenly you are that woman. You know the one, I mean. She actually had the time to get “dressed” for the day. She looks put together. Yes, her!

It gives you a little extra pep. You stand a little taller. You start to think uh..Yes, thank you I do make this look good! Well, that is a feeling I get to help someone have every time they find a necklace that matches their favorite shirt.  Simple when you really think about it.

$5 at a time – that’s how we roll.